Getting Started

Go Version requirement

We recommend you upgrade Go to the latest version ( >= Go1.13 ), you can upgrade Go here.

Set GOPROXY environment

Bash (Linux or macOS)

export GOPROXY=,direct

PowerShell (Windows)

$env:GOPROXY = ",direct"

Add Environments in your profile (RECOMMEND)


# add environment to your profile
echo "export GOPROXY=,direct" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile

# if your terminal is zsh,type the command below
echo "export GOPROXY=,direct" >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc


1. Right click This PC -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables
2. Click "New" in Environment Variables
3. Input Variable Name: “GOPROXY”
4. Input Variable Value: “,direct”
5. Click "OK", save your settings.