Getting Started

Enable Go module

If your Go version is Go 1.11 and above, you only need to set an environment to enable Go module. Click here to update Go.


export GO111MODULE="on"



Set GOPROXY environment

If you use Go 1.13 and above, we recommand you use this command to set GOPROXY environment. Click here to update Go.

go env -w GOPROXY=",direct"

You could follow these instructions if your Go version < 1.13:


export GOPROXY=""



Add Environments in your profile (optional)


# add environment to your profile
echo "export GOPROXY=" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile

# if your terminal is zsh,type the command below
echo "export GOPROXY=" >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc


1. Right click This PC -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables
2. Click "New" in Environment Variables
3. Input Variable Name: “GOPROXY”
4. Input Variable Value: “”
5. Click "OK", save your settings.